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The Emulsions (Soft Drink Concentrate) we manufacture and supply natural and nature-identical substances and super quality raw material. We offer unmatched quality of Emulsion to our clients. These food products are mainly used in various chemical industries, Soft Drink, Aerated Water, pharmaceutical industry and medicine industries. Emulsions are also used to manufacture many hair and skin products like oils and waxes. These are used to fabricate many products because of its unique feature like low toxicity and antimicrobial properties. Name of emulsions :- Fanta emulsion Kala khatta emulsion Lemon emulsion Lime lemon emulsion Mango emulsion Orange emulsion Pineapple emulsion Raspberry emulsionrose emulsion Ginger emulsion Kacchi keri emulsion
  • 2017-03-15T07:19:32

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