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==================================================================== INFINITY ADDITIVES & FOOD (SOFT DRINKS FLAVOUR) ==================================================================== The (Soft Drink Concentrate) we manufacture and supply wole africa are made of natural and nature-identical substances and super quality raw material. We offer unmatched quality of flavour to our clients. These food products are mainly used in Soft Drink. ==================================================================== Name of emulsions : ==================================================================== ->Fanta ->Kala khatta ->Clear Lemon ->Lime lemon ->Mango ->Orange ->pineapple ->Raspberry emulsionrose ->Ginger ->Kacchi keri and more 36 flavour ->tangawizi(new) ==================================================================== Packaging Details: Essence and Food Emulsions are available in: ==================================================================== 100 ml 500 ml 1 ltr 5 ltr 25 ltr 50ltr 1000ltr.
  • 2017-03-24T10:48:14

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